The Dragon’s Child release

Meet the shapeshifting dragons of Hong Kong. Adept at passing for human, they are the kind of dragons you’d find at a Gatsby party – charming, sophisticated, glamorous, outrageously wealthy – and
utterly ruthless. Nothing, it seems, can challenge their privileged lives – until Lady Feng leaves one of her eggs to be raised by human foster parents in a remote mountain village. The dragon child hatches. Born with dragon power, raised with human emotion, this child is trouble. And his powers are growing…

“A beautifully rendered, utterly immersive story from the brilliantly original Janeen Webb.” — Kaaron Warren

“Wonderful writing, subtle surprises, and evocative characters both dragon and human are the joys of Janeen Webb’s The Dragon’s Child.  Old fashioned fairy tale wonder told with contemporary clarity make this an enchanting read. The book is a delight.” — Jeff Ford.

“The Dragon’s Child is a captivating tale of dragons who manage to be elegant, charming, frightening, and in many ways only too human. Prepare to be enthralled by Janeen Webb’s sensuous prose–and, along with me, hope for more stories of Long Wei, Lady Feng, and their dragon family and companions.”  — Pamela Sargent.

“Oh, how much the delightfully despisable Lady Feng teaches. You can’t judge a dragon by its looks and breeding. Before The Dragon’s Child, I never realised how many people in power must actually bedragons. But a dragon born to privilege? That’s the scariest of all. Fable, parable, political intrigue – with bonus lessons in blackmail. Deliciously snarky.” — Anna Tambour

“Shape-shifting dragons in the modern world, changing their form at will or whim as they manipulate the flow of human wealth? Janeen Webb makes this premise astonishingly plausible, depicting a richly imagined world of revenge, greed, and retribution, with sharply drawn characters – dragon and human – a complex young villain and a fast moving plot given pace and grace by her unique narrative style. Writing of this calibre demands to be read in one sitting – and leaves the reader wanting more.” — Lee Harding

“Janeen Webb draws from myth and legend to tell tales that are as nostalgic as the ones you learned on your parents’ knee, yet are also thrillingly modern and adult. The concoction never fails to beguile and delight.” — Rob Shearman.

A NOVELLA by Janeen Webb
COVER ART Greg Bridges

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover — ISBN 978-1-786363-19-0 [£15]
100 numbered Jacketed Hardcover signed by Janeen Web  — ISBN 978-1-786363-20-6 [£25]

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