Death at the Blue Elephant

Death at the Blue Elephant
Author: Janeen Webb
Publisher: Ticonderoga Publications
Published: 2014
Cover art by: Nick Stathopoulos

Death at the Blue Elephant is the first story collection by the respected and multiple award winning Australian writer and editor Janeen Webb. She is a recipient of the World Fantasy Award, the Peter MacNamara SF Achievement Award, the Australian Aurealis Award, and is a three-time winner of the Ditmar Award.

Introduction by Pamela Sargent


In her introduction to this book, Pamela Sargent describes these stories as evoking a “combination of suspenseful anticipation, nervous apprehension, and total absorption in something far removed from my own experience”. Death at the Blue Elephant collects 18 incredible globe-spanning visions by the self-confessed “inveterate traveller”.

Five stories are original to this collection.


There’s magic here, and illusion, and strange wonders that’ll surprise and delight. — Robert Shearman

Exotic, cunning—often funny—and now and then edges to cut yourself on. — Tanith Lee

Gloriously adult, these stories will transport you—but they’ll never drop you home. — Anna Tambour

Janeen Webb’s assemblage of angels, aliens, devils and assorted revenants bring with them compassion and settings rich and exotic where even the mundanity of our everyday world is imbued with a sparkle rarely glimpsed in the hands of lesser writers. — Peter Crowther