The Gold-Jade Dragon

Author: Janeen Webb
Publisher: PS Publishing
Published: January 2021
ISBN 978-1-786367-00-6

Meet the shapeshifting dragons of Hong Kong. Adept at passing for human, they are the kind of dragons you’d find at a Gatsby party—charming, sophisticated, glamorous, outrageously wealthy—and utterly ruthless.

Nothing, it seems, can challenge their privileged lives—until Lady Feng leaves one of her eggs to be raised by human foster parents in a remote mountain village.

The dragon child hatches. Born with dragon power, raised with human emotion, this child is trouble. And his powers are growing…


As Long Wei, the Gold-Jade dragon of the title, begins a quest to seize what he considers his rightful place from his powerful mother, Lady Feng, this witty and diverting novel reveals a hidden world of powerful, nearly immortal dragons who can take on human form as they amass great wealth and adapt to such human inventions as computer technology, social media, the fashion industry, and reality TV. Janeen Webb’s enchanting and suspenseful fantasy builds to a dramatic confrontation while also offering insights into the allure and dangers of great power. An intelligent and elegant novel that should enthrall any reader.   Pamela Sargent

Janeen Webb’s deliciously evocative prose lifts you on dragon’s wings and drops you into the cruelly fascinating world of the dragons of Hong Kong. A fabulous read! — Dena Bain Taylor

Janeen Webb’s beguiling prose makes a quantum leap forward in this sequel to The Golden Dragon, and in Long Wei she has fashioned a figure to rival Golem and Albericht, his malice and obsessive lust for gold and the power it bestows creating panic and confusion in his shape-shifting Dragonworld. The tale moves swiftly and goes into warp-speed for the final chapters when the many threads of the narrative are unravelled, and leaves one hoping for a third book to complete a trilogy. — Lee Harding

A fast paced finale to Webb’s elegant fantasy thriller. — Eileen Gunn

Janeen Webb’s assured sequel to The Dragon’s Child takes us back to a Hong Kong where brutal, elegant shape-shifting dragons ruthlessly manipulate the business world to their advantage. The Gold-Jade Dragon is fantasy at its best and comes with the highest recommendation. — Jonathan Strahan

A beautifully rendered, utterly immersive story from the brilliantly original Janeen Webb. — Kaaron Warren