Hear Me Roar “A Wondrous Necessary Woman”

Hear Me Roar - A Wondrous Necessary Woman
Editor: Liz Grzyb
Publisher: Ticonderoga Publications
Published: 30 June 2015

The anthology focuses on speculative fiction stories about female characters who are strong in many different ways. There may be futuristic or fantastic settings, but one thing remains the same: resourceful, resilient women who are committed to doing what is needed, no matter what the cost.

17 Tales of Real Women and Unreal Worlds edited by Liz Grzyb stories by Cherith Baldry Jenny Blackford Kay Chronister Stephanie Gunn Kathryn Hore Kathleen Jennings Faith Mudge T.R. Napper Rivqa Rafael Alter S. Reiss Jane Routley Cat Sparks Kyla Lee Ward Marlee Jane Ward Susan Wardle Janeen Webb Eleanor R. Wood