Little Red Riding Hood in the Big Bad City “A Faust Films Production”

Little Red RidingHood in the Big Bad City
Editor: Martin Harry Greenberg
Publisher: DAW
Published: 6 July 2004

Classic fairy tales made enchantingly modern by: Nini Kiriki Hoffman, Tanya Huff, Jody Lynn Nye and others.

From a young girl who rescues her brother when he’s magically trapped in a mall, to a guitarist’s who trades his jacket for magical picks, to a talking cat who proves invaluable to his modern family, here are seventeen highly original modern stories sure to cast a spell.

Mallificent – Nina Kiriki Hoffman
The Last Day Of The Rest – Russell Davis
Jack And The B.S. – Tanya Huff
Panhandler – Alan Dean Foster
Trading Fours With The Moldy Figs – Jean Rabe
Signs Are Hazy, Ask Again Later – Fiona Patton
Puss In D.C. – Pamela Sargent
A Faust Films Production – Janeen Webb
Brownie Points – Elizabeth Gilligan
After The Flowering – Janet Berliner
Little Red In The ‘Hood – Irene Radford
Exterminary – Patricia Lee Macomber
The Nightingale – Dena Bain Taylor
Meet Mr. Hamlin – Bill Willingham
If You Only Knew My Name – David Niall Wilson
Keeping It Real – Jody Lynn Nye
The Rose Garden – Michelle West